John Church of Just Marketing Attends Cross-Fit Classes

Staying healthy and active are two things that John Church of Just Marketing places in high priority. One of the ways he chooses to pursue his fitness goals is through the Cross-Fit program. Developed in 2000 by Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai this program combines a physical exercise routine with a competitive sports experience. Cross-Fit workout programs draw material from many other forms of exercise and training. Some of the more common crossover exercise areas are high intensity interval training (HIIT), Olympic weight training, powerlifting, and calisthenics. Others that may be used are plyometrics, gymnastics, strongman exercises, and girevoy (kettlebell) sports.

One of the reasons that Church likes Cross-Fit so much is that it always presents a challenge. The classes he attends at his local California gym are always dynamic, with varying exercises and body focuses. Each one-hour class will provide a warm-up routine, a period where the participant develops physical skills, a high intensity workout of the day (WOD), and then a group or individual stretching period. Both men and women have taken to the Cross-Fit program equally well. While the classes are incredibly challenging, they are also very fulfilling.

According to the Cross-Fit creators, the goal of the entire system is to increase the health and performance of the ten physical domains. These domains are listed as cardiovascular and respiratory health, flexibility, stamina, strength, power, coordination, speed, accuracy, balance, and agility. John Church Just Marketing enjoys the tough work and the results he sees from Cross-Fit training.

John Church of Just Marketing Supports the Laguna Ocean Foundation

John Church of Just Marketing is a proud supporter of the Laguna Ocean Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the sustainable ocean ecosystems on the Laguna Beach coastline. Originating in 2003, the concerned citizens that began this endeavor wanted to see their beautiful coast protected for the next generations. One of the many ways in which the Laguna Ocean Foundation preserves the ecosystem is through public education programs. This form of outreach gets the public involved in the sustainable efforts of the program. Regional scientists apply their own expertise and apply many different research methods that promote coastal management. Scientific findings and breakthroughs allow the Laguna Ocean Foundation to create public policies that ensure the health and safety of the coast and ocean. The efforts made by the foundation have proven successful, and are now regarded as national standards for other groups wishing to conserve other ocean areas.

The Laguna Ocean Foundation operates various programs throughout the year that teach public participants and students about ocean conservation. High school students are able to attend the Human Impacts on the Rock Intertidal Zone Field Course. This study course is a semester program that sees adolescents out in the field, completing hands-on study. Rocky intertidal ecosystems are researched and cataloged to promote conservation. Laguna Beach High School is an annual participant in this field study.  For younger students, the Structure and Function in the Tidepools course is a challenging and exciting venture. Geared toward fourth graders, this program was designed to demonstrate and promote California’s state standards. Many different subjects are rolled into one during this program, where students must employ knowledge in math, science, geography, and social sciences. Students at the age of eight and nine thoroughly enjoy using the tide pool as their classroom.

Two types of internships are available to students who wish to further their education. The first, a college-level summer internship program, began in 2009. This three-month educational journey gives higher education students real world work experience that can be applied to their university studies. This is especially helpful for anyone studying in the fields of ecology or marine biology. The students who intern with the Laguna Ocean Foundation work an average of twelve hours per week at the facility, and half of those hours are spent educating others. The Volunteer Education and Research Internship is offered to high school and college level students. Each intern is trained as a Laguna Ocean Foundation Tide Water Docent, and gains the ability to teach others about conservancy issues and policies. John Church of Just Marketing likes to spend some of his free time promoting the Laguna Ocean Foundation and their strong dedication to the coast and ocean.

John Church Just Marketing

John Church of Just Marketing worked for Stratford American Sports from 1992 to 1994. This was before he served as the Executive Vice President of Just Marketing, Inc. Straight out of Arizona State University, he began his career with a professional baseball team. John worked for Phoenix Professional Baseball, the owners of the Phoenix Firebirds, a former AAA team affiliated with the San Francisco Giants. This was a unique experience that taught him a lot about teamwork and responsibility.

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John Church of Just Marketing – How to Get Into Marketing

John Church of Just Marketing, is a marketing superstar with a good educational background in the field. A degree in marketing won’t get you a job in marketing. To get a job in marketing you should learn to sell, learn to write, and learn how to produce multimedia. Just like there are many different areas of marketing, there are many different roles to fulfill.

John Church of Just Marketing has worked in the sports marketing industry for more than twenty-three years. Prior to this, the high point of his early career was his tenure at Just Marketing Inc. He left an indelible mark when he moved on from JMI in 2010 as the Executive Vice President for other endeavors. With this background he ventured to start a global sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy, South Coast Partnerships. With JMI, Church managed to grow the company from a small agency of six people and $2 million dollars in revenue to a company with more than 140 people on staff and revenue in excess of $80 million. He, has achieved a lot in marketing, he sets the bar high for anybody who wants to do well in the field.

If you want the same level of success as John Church Just Marketing, you have decided that marketing is the field for you, you then have to decide what area is right for you. Keep sharpening your skills and developing yourself. Play to your strengths, this strategy works well in any situation. Decide which one you are going to play. Just like any other career, marketing requires hard work and dedication.

John Church of Just Marketing – Saving the Oceans

As humans on earth, John Church of Just Marketing believes that we must do our part to protect our habitat. Save the Whales, is involved in many different aspects of marine life protection, which all relate to saving the whale population. The group actively campaigns against whaling and shares that no single action on their part is going to ensure the safety of the whales for all time. He is a strong advocate for this movement because he understands that whales play an important role in our understanding of marine mammals. They do their part by preventing Navy “Ship Shock” tests and saves the lives of 10,000 marine mammals. They also stop salt mining operations, support rescue efforts, campaign against whaling, stop marine mammal capture and captivity, and work with local, state and federal agencies to stop urban runoff.

John Church Just Marketing is known for his altruistic nature, and his heart for the environment. He is a part of the Laguna Ocean Foundation as well as the Save the Whales movement, which seeks to preserve the world’s whale population. In order to save the oceans, children must be educated about the benefits, not only to the environment, but to themselves as well. Save the Whales, would like the work they started to continue past their generation. This is why it is important to educate future generations. They want to spread the word that the 1986 ban on whaling is not protective, as bombing, killings, captures, are still occurring. We can participate by doing little things such as writing letters to government officials and cutting up six pack rings before discarding them and participating in beach clean ups.

John Church of Just Marketing – Internationally Known

Originally a small business with six people under contract and bringing in 2 million a year, John Church of Just Marketing helped the company became an $80 million annual revenue business with a staff of over 140. During his time here he led the business development for the world’s largest and most accomplished motorsports marketing agency for almost a decade’s time. He was one of the best employees on staff and Just Marketing International. He worked for Just Marketing International for almost ten years, which is nearly half of his illustrious and storied career.

John Church helped Just Marketing International grow from small business to a grandeur profitable company. He created long lasting relationships with companies such as LG Electronics, DIRECTV, Verizon Wireless, Brut, Apex-Brazil, Continental Tire and UPS. While he was employed with Just Marketing International, he served as their Vice President of Sports Marketing, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Chief Development Officer and finally the Executive Vice President of Partnership Development. His career with the company was a series of relationships built, economic growth, and global leadership skills used.

John Church helped Just Marketing International build a reputation for itself in the motorsports marketing world. The standout employee worked in four different positions with the company, continually finding success in each and every position he held with the company. The company grew while he was with them. As a Proven motivated sports marketing and sponsorship executive, John Church Just Marketing showed his true colors with Just Marketing International and helped a company grow exponentially. While working here, he was unstoppable in his job position.

John Church of Just Marketing – Saving the Ocean

John Church of Just Marketing got involved with a program called Save the Whales, as they were able to prevent the Navy from making “Ship Shock” tests and thus saving 10,000 marine mammals. The Save the Whales Organization is making great strides to protect the ocean and the marine life in it. The Save the Whales attorneys and scientific experts stop the United States Navy from detonating over 250 “Ship Shock” explosives in the waters off the coast of Southern California, where John lives. Save the Whales does not do all the work on their own, in conjunction with environmental groups on both sides of the United States and Mexico border, together they stopped the plan of Mitsubishi to expand their salt mining of the ocean.

John Church of Just Marketing is proud to be a member of an organization that has a world impact, but also help preserve the lives of mammals near where he resides. With a plan to operating in Baja California, not far from John’s home in Southern, California, Save the Whales stopped them from continuing in the only gray whale birthing lagoon in the world. It is because of the memberships of people like John that Save the Whales can continually work to protect the wildlife in the ocean.

Sadly, whales are not the only species John Church of Just Marketing and others are trying to protect. Tuna, swordfish, halibut, cod and flounder that are all depleting because of overfishing. So John also partners with other organization to better the ocean of the world. The average size of the big fish in the ocean has been cut in half or even less for some species in the past 50 years. . For instance, the average weight of a swordfish caught today I90 pounds, however, in 1960 the average weight was 266; the fact is astonishing, and one piece of information that caused John to start supporting the organization, “One World One Ocean”. There are 405 of these reported and the amount double every ten years.

Thinking futuristically is something John Church of Just Marketing is accustomed to as a leader of a company; a future with a damaged ocean is not what he wants for his three children and future grandchildren One World One Ocean looks to preserve the oceans of the world and to slow down the consumption rate we have as a population now. Due to the overfishing the world’s population has done, it is estimated that 90% of the big fish are gone.