John Church Just Marketing: SJX Partners

John Church has established himself in the sports marketing and entertainment industry. Proven to be motivated in sports marketing and sponsorship, Church has over 23 years of experience under his belt that includes global advancements that he had while working with Just Marketing, Inc. His successful career has been boosted by his entrepreneurial spirit to grow a company and the leadership skills that he has acquired over his vocational years. His career has been defined by the big name deals he has closed and the vast amount of corporate level relationships and networks he has made.

John Church currently serves as President of the company that he founded, South Coast Partnerships, Inc. This company is a global sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy. Church was able to quickly acquire the primary client Moto America, the company he serves as the Commercial Director. With a wide variety of clients seeking to secure sponsorships, Church is able to consult a plethora of companies including Petersen Automobile Museum, Williams F1, Starworks Motorsports, and MacGillivray-Freeman Films. Consulting racing teams is something John Church is very familiar with having worked with motorsport racing teams in the past.

John Church had a brief employment stint with SJX Partners as a Sponsorship Sales Consultant. Here he led sponsorship sales and business development activities for a proposed F1 Grand Prix in New York. Church worked tirelessly on the project and was disappointed when the project was ultimately ended without completion. However, Church worked on other projects for the company. Amongst his project work for SJX Partners and their properties included the US Open, Cirque du Soleil and the famous Disney On Ice.