John Church of Just Marketing Supports the Laguna Ocean Foundation

John Church of Just Marketing is a proud supporter of the Laguna Ocean Foundation. This non-profit organization is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the sustainable ocean ecosystems on the Laguna Beach coastline. Originating in 2003, the concerned citizens that began this endeavor wanted to see their beautiful coast protected for the next generations. One of the many ways in which the Laguna Ocean Foundation preserves the ecosystem is through public education programs. This form of outreach gets the public involved in the sustainable efforts of the program. Regional scientists apply their own expertise and apply many different research methods that promote coastal management. Scientific findings and breakthroughs allow the Laguna Ocean Foundation to create public policies that ensure the health and safety of the coast and ocean. The efforts made by the foundation have proven successful, and are now regarded as national standards for other groups wishing to conserve other ocean areas.

The Laguna Ocean Foundation operates various programs throughout the year that teach public participants and students about ocean conservation. High school students are able to attend the Human Impacts on the Rock Intertidal Zone Field Course. This study course is a semester program that sees adolescents out in the field, completing hands-on study. Rocky intertidal ecosystems are researched and cataloged to promote conservation. Laguna Beach High School is an annual participant in this field study.  For younger students, the Structure and Function in the Tidepools course is a challenging and exciting venture. Geared toward fourth graders, this program was designed to demonstrate and promote California’s state standards. Many different subjects are rolled into one during this program, where students must employ knowledge in math, science, geography, and social sciences. Students at the age of eight and nine thoroughly enjoy using the tide pool as their classroom.

Two types of internships are available to students who wish to further their education. The first, a college-level summer internship program, began in 2009. This three-month educational journey gives higher education students real world work experience that can be applied to their university studies. This is especially helpful for anyone studying in the fields of ecology or marine biology. The students who intern with the Laguna Ocean Foundation work an average of twelve hours per week at the facility, and half of those hours are spent educating others. The Volunteer Education and Research Internship is offered to high school and college level students. Each intern is trained as a Laguna Ocean Foundation Tide Water Docent, and gains the ability to teach others about conservancy issues and policies. John Church of Just Marketing likes to spend some of his free time promoting the Laguna Ocean Foundation and their strong dedication to the coast and ocean.