John Church of Just Marketing – Internationally Known

Originally a small business with six people under contract and bringing in 2 million a year, John Church of Just Marketing helped the company became an $80 million annual revenue business with a staff of over 140. During his time here he led the business development for the world’s largest and most accomplished motorsports marketing agency for almost a decade’s time. He was one of the best employees on staff and Just Marketing International. He worked for Just Marketing International for almost ten years, which is nearly half of his illustrious and storied career.

John Church helped Just Marketing International grow from small business to a grandeur profitable company. He created long lasting relationships with companies such as LG Electronics, DIRECTV, Verizon Wireless, Brut, Apex-Brazil, Continental Tire and UPS. While he was employed with Just Marketing International, he served as their Vice President of Sports Marketing, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Chief Development Officer and finally the Executive Vice President of Partnership Development. His career with the company was a series of relationships built, economic growth, and global leadership skills used.

John Church helped Just Marketing International build a reputation for itself in the motorsports marketing world. The standout employee worked in four different positions with the company, continually finding success in each and every position he held with the company. The company grew while he was with them. As a Proven motivated sports marketing and sponsorship executive, John Church Just Marketing showed his true colors with Just Marketing International and helped a company grow exponentially. While working here, he was unstoppable in his job position.