John Church – The Science of Brand Placement

John Church Just Marketing is a former executive of Just Marketing International who is familiar with all of the techniques used to allure people into trying a product or service. As someone who has held a high-level position in this industry, he appreciates the technique of brand placement, as there is a particular science to this method that has seemed to fuel consumerism for decades. Below are some of the strategies and benefits of effective brand placement.

Keeping Your Logo Handy

By placing your logo on numerous different materials, you are actively putting your brand name in the hands of consumers as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why there are so many free giveaways at events, where vendors are set up just to give away sun glasses, hats, bags and other such materials reflecting their logos. Studies have shown that this type of marketing works, as it serves as a constant reminder to the consumer that your product or service is available.

Keeping Your Logo Visible

By planting your logo in the eyesight of your audience, you are maintaining a constant presence that will breed familiarity with your product. And depending on where you put that logo, for example, on the sidelines of a major sporting event, your logo may also be associated further with that event and add extra appeal to your brand.