John Church of Just Marketing – Fast-Moving Advertisements

John Church, former Executive VP of Just Marketing, has had an extensive career in providing marketing services in the auto racing industry. He has spent ample time around professional auto racing events, helping promote numerous brands through using numerous creative angles and techniques to further expose the brand and get the name and logo into the eyesight of spectators. In a fast-paced sport such as auto racing, there are many other ways that you can implement a brand name to keep it relevant throughout such a fast-paces sporting event. Below are a few descriptions of such methods.

Cars and Drivers

By sponsoring a driver and his car, you can keep your product or service’s name in constant view of spectator; and chances are they will start to associate your brand with your car and driver. Many brands use their cars and drivers as models for their logos by literally decorating the car and/or the driver’s uniform with the brand logo. Many times, they also implement a custom color scheme of the car/uniform that reflects the brand.

Pit Crew

If the event is the type that usually comes with a pit crew, then they too will be a great vessel for advertisement. By gaining the opportunity to alter their uniforms to reflect the brand, you can effectively keep the brand name in the spotlight by live spectators as well as TV viewers.