John Church of Just Marketing – The Various Types of Motorsports

John Church, former executive VP of Just Marketing International, is an industry professional who spent years specializing in marketing at motorsports events. The term “motorsports” encompasses a broad field with numerous different types of events; and is one of the biggest outlets of marketing for some of the most well-recognized brands on the planet. Below are some of the main categories for motor sporting events, and examples of the many different types of vehicles and drivers they exhibit:

Auto Racing
Auto racing in itself is a broad category, as there are so many different types of vehicles that can be placed in head-to-head competition with competitors of similar styles. When many Americans think about racing cars, it is often related to the stock car style of NASCAR. However, on a more international scale, you have formula cars, touring cars and sports cars who hold massive events that bring in lots of money and spectatorship to auto racing as a whole.

Boat Racing
Unlike auto racing, boat racing is a category that contains both motorsports and non-motorsports. While sailboats, canoes and the like are all aquatic vessels and therefore belong under this category, the addition of an engine’s horsepower has pushed boat racing to new levels with cigarette boats, jet-skis and more.

While these are the two most prominent subcategories of motorsports, there is so much talent and diversity in the motorsport community that describing all of it would necessitate a textbook publication at the least.

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