Defenders of Wildlife

The Defenders of Wildlife Organization stands on several issues such as renewable energy, the endangered species act and of course climate change. Renewable energy can help fight climate change, but it has to be planned with wildlife in mind. The Endangered Species Act has been around for nearly 40 years. The endangered species act has helped prevent the extinction of our nation’s wildlife including beloved American icons such as the bald eagle, the Florida manatee, and the California Condor.

In addition climate change has been a controversial topic for the last several years. Make no mistake that when climate change occurs increased amount of gases in the atmosphere allow the sun’s light to reach the earth, but trap its heat radiating back from the surface. These gases “are often referred to as” greenhouse gases.” The most important greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide, emitted by the burning of fossil fuels and the clearing of forests. While it is known that climate change is causing Arctic sea ice to melt which in turn threatens polar bears will need the ice for their prey is also not just a land problem. Warmer oceans can kill coral reefs which countless marine species depend on for food and shelter. This is why the renewable energy issues must be resolved because they help tackle one of the biggest issues for defending against climate change.

John Church focuses on not only donating to the cause educating his family and friends on how to address the issues. John Church Just Marketing has spent 20+ years investing his life’s work in the sports and entertainment sponsorship industry while working at companies like Just Marketing Inc. He has done this successfully for several companies and recently started his own business South Coast partnerships.

One of the other aspects of his life is based on his dedication to wildlife conservation. John feels this is not only a responsibility of governments and organizations but also a responsibility for every human being on this earth. He is a wildlife garden helping to protect wild animals in their natural.