Sports and Entertainment Careers

There are several key definitive responsibilities in the sports and entertainment industry such such as sales, marketing and, sponsorships. His passion for sports also extends to motorsports, baseball and, several other sports. There are several career opportunities in global sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancies. If you have any experience in sports and entertainment management, customer relationship development, sales of tickets, sponsorship, promotions and media packages then you will fit right in. This type of work will require traveling and odd hours but the benefits are traveling to new cities and exposure to several different cultures.

Early in his career as an Account Executive, John Church Just Marketing helped establish a small company with a staff of six and revenues of just $2 million grow to a thriving motorsports marketing agency with a staff of more than 140 employees, and revenues higher than eighty million dollars. That company was called Just Marketing Incorporated and by the time he left he was the executive vice president for partnership development. With over 23 years of success in sports marketing and sponsorship business, John Church has had the opportunity to be exposed to several different areas sports and entertainment. John Church studied business finance at Arizona State University and was born and raised in Arizona. John Church work in the industry for over 20 years and has a passion for American football. For instance he became a devoted fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the most successful NFL teams having won six Super Bowls, the most in NFL history.