John Church of Just Marketing – Just Marketing Inc.

Arizona born and raised, John Church of Just Marketing has been a force in the sports marketing industry. Ever since his first job in the field through Phoenix Professional Baseball, his career has skyrocketed and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. He has held many senior executive positions in various companies, but by far the most notable achievement was his tenure at Just Marketing Inc. (JMI).

When John Church of Just Marketing joined JMI in 2001 as their Vice President of Sports Marketing, it was a small agency with six employees and $2 million in revenue. After three years in that position, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development. His personal development seemed to be tied to the development of the company because as the company grew, so did he. Just a year after, he was promoted yet again to Chief Development Officer. By the end of his tenure Church’s position was Executive Vice President of Partnership Development, the company had increased to a staff of 140 with revenue in excess of $80 million.

The John Church Just Marketing JMI relationship was one that flourished and blossomed. In addition to the company growth, he was able to establish relationships and network with companies such as LG Electronics, DIRECTTV, Verizon Wireless, Apex-Brazil, Brut, Continental Tire and UPS. He also developed an industry leading CRM system and business development model, managed an international team of 12 and is credited with bringing to JMI more new sponsorships to motosports than any other entity.

The John Church of Just Marketing Just Marketing duo is one to admire. Just as much as Church benefited the company, he benefited from the company as well. No doubt, lessons learned were used in the founding and running of his company South Coast Partnerships.