Just Marketing Inc

John Church worked for Just Marketing, Inc. for nearly ten years. While with the company he held multiple high ranking positions successfully. While with the company, Church led business development for the world’s largest and most successful motorsports agency. There was amazing growth during the time Church worked with Just Marketing. The company was a six person operation making $2 million in revenue to holding a staff of over 140 members and revenue that was in excess of $80 million. Church was able to create relationships and network with companies such as LG Electronics, DIRECTV, Verizon Wireless, Apex-Brazil, Brut, Continental Tire and UPS.

Also while with the company John Church Just Marketing developed an industry leading CRM system and business development model. He managed an international team of 12. His team had offices in Indianapolis, U.S., Charlotte, U.S, London, England, Cologne, Germany and Hong Kong, China. Church is credited with being directly responsible for Just Marketing, Inc.’s distinction of bringing in more new sponsorships to motorsports that any other entity.

With all the accomplishments John Church has with the company, it is easy to see why they continued to move the businessman up. When joining the company, church started as the Vice President of Sports Marketing, a position he held before with a previous company. After three years with the company, Church was promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Development. Just a year after, he was promoted yet again to Chief Development Officer. Finally, three years in this position, Church was the Executive Vice President of Partnership Development.